Vehicle Towing Rates

5 ton wrecker

Travel Time to your location: $2.50 per/km

Travel Time with your vehicle on truck: $3.50 per/km

Cars to 1/2 Ton Trucks.. Hook-up $95.00

3/4 to 1 Ton Single Axle.. Hook-up $120.00

1 Ton Dual Wheel.. Hook-up $165.00

2 Ton to 5 Ton..Hook-up $210.00

Vehicle Trailer Towing

Our own custom made dollies

Travel Time with your vehicle loaded: $3.50 per/km

With Car Hauler...Hook-up $135.00

With Deck-over Trailer.. Hook-up $135.00

Winching / Recovery

Our own custom made dollies

Winching..$95.00 per hour

Other Services

Our own custom made dollies

Wheel Dollies used..$120.00


Vehicle Boosting, Tire Change...$120

Gas Delivery $100 + $ cost of gas

Motorcycle Towing / Hauling: Hook-up: $145.00

Impound Lot Charge per/day: $50.00


You are invoiced and required to pay in full prior to the release of your vehicle, by Cash, Credit Card or e-Transfer.

CALL: (403) 664-5366


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